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  • Software Developers
  • You have extensive experience in C/C++. You have strong familiarity with SQL. You have excellent technical writing skills. Knowledge of Linux is required. You have proven to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines with ease. Please email your CV to

  • Web Developers
  • You have extensive experience using scripting languages and working with dynamic website creation. Advanced knowledge of PHP, HTML, Javascript and SQL is required. You are familiar with Ajax. Please email your CV to

  • Videographer

  • We require an independent videographer who can create, edit and produce HD corporate videos (pref. 720p or 1080p) for an investor audience.

    The ideal candidate will:
    - possess the necessary skills to create high-impact corporate videos
    - know how to convert and optimize videos for use on video sharing web sites
    - be familiar with Apple Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium to convert raw footage into a presentable format

    Additionally, the ideal candidate must have access to (or own) high-quality video producing equipment, including all of the following:
    - HD video camera
    - tripod
    - boom microphone
    - various lighting sources
    - digital capture device on a PC/Mac

    Please submit your CV and online references to Include references to your best work (pref. on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video sharing site).
  • Sales People
  • You are a proven sales professional. Experience selling software and technical services is essential. Please email your CV to

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