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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ConvertBack™, and what does it do?

A. ConvertBack™, developed by Stratabase, allows you to convert your Palm™ Desktop 4.1.4 or 4.2 data files to Palm™ Desktop 4.1 format. The following components of Palm™ Desktop are supported: Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks.

Q. Where can I download ConvertBack™?

A. Please proceed to the downloads page to download a free demo. The full version is only $7.95.

Q. What are the user requirements for ConvertBack™?

A. Palm Desktop 4.1, 4.1.4 or 4.2 should be installed, as they help ConvertBack™ determine the location of your Palm™ data files.

Q. My third-party HotSync conduit broke after I installed Palm™ Desktop 4.1.4. How do I get my data back?

A. Uninstall Palm™ Desktop 4.1.4 and install Palm™ Desktop 4.1. ConvertBack™ will convert your data in seconds..

Q. I don't have Palm™ Desktop installed. Can I still convert my Palm™ data?

A. No, ConvertBack™ requires that Palm™ Desktop be installed so that it can determine the path to your Palm™ data without any user intervention. ConvertBack™ was designed for simplicity - one-click operation.

Q. I had an installation question. Who do I contact?

A. Please direct all support questions to the ConvertBack™ forum.

Q. I thought Palm™ Desktop 4.1.4 was the latest. What is Palm™ Desktop 4.2?

A. Palm™ Desktop 4.2 is bundled with newer PDAs, such as the Tungsten T5 and the Palm™ T|X.

Q. Why should Palm™ Desktop be closed before the conversion?

A. Palm™ Desktop does not save changes to its data files until it is closed. ConvertBack™ will not proceed until Palm™ Desktop is closed.

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