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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ResyncTM, and what does it do?

A. ResyncTM, developed by Stratabase, allows you to synchronize data across different applications. ResyncTM also backs up and restores your data. ResyncTM synchronizes your Date Book/Calendar, Address Book/Contacts, To Do List/Tasks, and Memo Pad/Notes between the following applications: Microsoft OutlookTM, WindowsTM Address Book, PalmTM Desktop 4.01/4.1 SP3, and a serial handheld device running the PalmTM operating system.

Q. Where I can download your software?

A. Please proceed to the downloads page.

Q. How is ResyncTM different from Pocket MirrorTM for OutlookTM?

A. ResyncTM runs independently of PalmTM HotsyncTM Manager. Palm HotSync manager does not need to be installed in order to use ResyncTM. Unlike other applications, ResyncTM does NOT overwrite your existing Palm conduits for Address Book, Date Book, Memo Pad, or To Do List. ResyncTM can perform full synchronization between the PalmTM handheld, PalmTM Desktop, WindowsTM Address Book (WAB), and Microsoft OutlookTM.

Q. Which versions of Microsoft OutlookTM is ResyncTM compatible with?

A. We have tested Resync with Microsoft OutlookTM XP, 2000, and 2003 SP1.

Q. I have an installation problem, where do I get help?

A. Please direct all support requests to our forums.

Q. Do I need to install anything on my PalmTM handheld device?

A. No, you do not need to install anything on your PalmTM device. ResyncTM is a desktop application.

Q. How much disk space does ResyncTM occupy?

A. ResyncTM occupies 3 MB of disk space, but we recommend that you have 16 MB free during installation.

Q. How do I submit ResyncTM bugs?

A. Please post bugs in the bugs forum. Please include the version of ResyncTM you are using, your operating system, and the error message you receive. If applicable, include the version of Microsoft OutlookTM, WindowsTM Address Book, and/or PalmTM Desktop you are using. Please indicate the last message in the ResyncTM log window as well.

Q. Is ResyncTM and/or ConvertMeTM really free?

A. Yes, ResyncTM is free software. It will function as a full-featured application and will not expire. However, we ask that you register your copy (via the popup registration dialog in the application).

Q. What is a .rbf file?

A. The .rbf extension on a file designates it as a ResyncTM archive. This archive contains your backed up data, which will be required should you need to restore your data. It is recommended that you keep the .rbf file on a floppy disk or another removable storage device for safekeeping.

Q. Why are PalmTM HotSync Manager and PalmTM Desktop required to be closed, in order to perform a backup or synchronization?

A. PalmTM HotSync Manager does not permit other applications to access the serial port that your PalmTM is attached to while running. Also, PalmTM Desktop does not save changes to its data files until it is closed.

Q. Why do I get the following error: 'Error initializing Outlook'?

A. Microsoft OutlookTM setup does not install Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) by default. You must select CDO for installation, in order to synchronize Microsoft OutlookTM using ResyncTM.

Q. How do I install Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) on my computer?

A. You will need your original Office installation media, whether it be a CD-ROM or a network path.
1. Double-click the 'Add or Remove Programs' icon in the WindowsTM Control Panel.
2. Select 'Microsoft Office 2000' or 'Microsoft Office XP' or 'Microsoft Office 2003'.
3. Click 'Change'.
4. Select 'Add or Remove Features' (default) and click 'Next'.
5. Select 'Choose advanced customization of applications' and click 'Next'.
6. In the tree view of Office components, expand the 'Microsoft Office Outlook' branch by clicking on the [+] symbol.
7. Click on 'Collaboration Data Objects' and select 'Run from My Computer'.
8. Click 'Update Now'.

Q. How can I migrate my PalmTM data to my Pocket PC device?

A. You can use ConvertMeTM to migrate data from PalmTM Desktop to Microsoft OutlookTM, and then between Microsoft OutlookTM and your Pocket PC device using Microsoft ActiveSyncTM.

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